Friday’s new tradition – to go to the most beautiful places in Latvia

squirrel costume for kids

Wonderful warm weather has hit Latvia, so we decided to change our Friday from the office to the forest. It was the best idea, that’s for sure! Photoshoot in nature is what we needed!

Since Enija had to get to Lielvārde for a while, we started thinking about beautiful places nearby that we could visit. On the way back to Ķekava, the Ogre Zilie Kalni Nature Park was on the way, so we couldn’t help but stop. If only you knew how beautiful that place was! Latvia is very flat land, we have no mountains, so seeing even small hills was breathtaking! We were all there for the first time and it is clear that it wasn’t the last!

We brought owl, crow, bunny, squirrel, and bear costumes to photograph in real life, in nature, instead of the office’s white wall. Oh, how great it was! The children felt liberated, we were all happy to be in the fresh air, to feel the sun, the wind, and the presence of summer! After this photo session, we decided that we will go wherever our eyes show and work in the fresh air EVERY Friday. Without excuses, we will pack our costumes and just go!
We are all travelers. We have always been like that. Due to the pandemic, traveling is not possible, which is why the list of places to travel in Latvia is already ready. Regardless of the weather, we will travel every Friday to enjoy life, take photos and spend quality time together!

Here you can take a look at the result! We think that photos taken in nature are wayyy more enjoyable, aesthetically appealing, and real! Do you agree?

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