Our story…

DIVENDI – handmade costume brand since 2017

The company itself and its name was created because of my children.

DI – stands for my name Dina. VEN – is a mix of my daughter’s name Enija and two son’s names Everts and Enriko.

They have always been my inspiration and models for all Divendi handmade costumes since day one! I am very thankful that Divendi became a way to spend more time with my family and I am extremely happy that my hobby turned into an amazing journey that now is my business. 

All Divendi costumes are handmade with love and fantasy in every thread. Every design is created by me and my amazing team. Attention to details is what really reflects in every costume that is made. Every costume is created as realistic as possible!

At the start I was alone, but now my team is bigger! There is me as the owner and soul of the company. Then there are my kids who are my inspiration and models! Nothing would be possible without my seamstresses and our social network specialist! And of course, my biggest support – my husband!

I’m proud of my team and I’m happy I’ve managed to find such great helpers!

And if you are wondering about leftovers of fabrics – they are sent to my sister. She makes beautiful fabrics, carpets, blankets and other works of art out of them!

divendi dina

Dina – owner, designer, seamstress, mom of three kids. Thanks to God and my family support I can do things what I love most!

divendi rolands

Rolands – He communicates with customers and looks for the best and fastest logistics solutions! He believes in me, in Divendi and I am really enjoying working together with him!

Māra – seamstress, a great colleague who will always help to come up with the best solutions, designs and help to implement them in real life!

Inga, Natālija – our two seamstresses with golden hands that will be able to create any idea into a real product!

divendi katrīne

Katrīne – creative spirit that operates in the world of social networks. She loves to take photos, create content, organize Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and write from her soul!

Yours Divendi

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